Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Desperate": The New GOP Fragrance for 2006!

In the last several days, I have been reminded of about this time in 1992, just as we started to dare against all hope that Clinton would actually beat Bush the Father. By late October, the Bush Pere campaign was starting to froth at the mouth, which is never a good sign. You had the then-President proclaiming Clinton and Gore to be "bozos" and "environmental whackos". It was really silly, and it didn't stop the inevitable outcome.

There's something about losing power that drives politicians and political parties absolutely bonkers. I can't blame then, since having your own bullet proof sedan, body guards, and control of the US treasury and armed forces would be heady stuff. The trappings of power can and do corrupt better people than the ass clowns currently in power in Washington, DC.

What we have seen in the last week or so is the emotional meltdown of the GOP. Luckily, the NJ Supreme Court decision declaring that gay couples should have equal rights to straight couples hasn't taken off in the press. I kept waiting for the backdraft, knowing the GOP would seize on the issue. They have seized on it, but people don't seem to care as much as they did in 2004 before state constitutions all over the country were amended to prevent gays from marrying, and before courts in Washington and New York bowed to public pressure to give sanction to official discrimination against same-sex relationships. And the New Jersey decision did not confer the name "marriage" on gays, which probably helped lessen the impact. Nevertheless, George W Bush has been railing against "activist" judges who are "putting marriage in doubt". Of course, he's the man to protect us all from the sourge of same-sex love.

The response? People yawn, and talk about corruption and how Bush has made a royal mess out of Iraq. Still, some conservatives drool at the thought of another gay-bashing election season, so the President keeps the references in his speeches. In the past week, he's been to Georgia not once but TWICE. I know he's trying to unseat Jim Marshall in Macon and John Barrow of Athens, but all the attention in a state that STILL loves Bush (when the rest of the country seems to be finally waking up and smelling the coffee) shows how much trouble the GOP is in throughout the country. If Georgia's not "safe" by now, no where is for the national GOP.
Maybe Bush is perusing some land deals with Sonny, preferably in the path of some secret development plans in the vaults of the Department of Transportation that have not been made public yet. Bush will be out of a job in two years, after all. Gotta build that nest egg so he can fight off those crimes against humanity charges (I wish!).

While Bush was in Georgia the first time this week, he announced that if the Democrats win the Congressional elections in either house, then "the terrorists win." Excuse me? Did I miss something? Did the Democratic platform change when I wasn't looking? Are we now the official Party of Al Queda in the US?

The President nakedly makes the argument (backed up by Chief Henchman, Dick Cheney) that the terrorists want Democrats to win, b/c that would be the way to defeat America. So, they're ratcheting up the attacks on our troops to try to sway the elections. The only way to fight the terrorists is to re-elect the GOP congress and "stay the course"! We'll show them!
The more insulting thing is the insinuation that Democrats neither love nor support this country. Sir, we love this country more than you could ever know. Why else would we fight tooth and nail against your disastrous policies...your exploding deficit...and your general incompetence? We don't want to see this country ruined, and if we continue down the path you've lead for the past 6 years, we will be ruined. Our reputation worldwide is in shambles, our military is stretched to the breaking point, and we are building a debt that could swallow this country whole within my lifetime. Myself and my fellow Democrats love this country, and we will fight like hell to protect this country....but we will do it without pissing on our friends, creating new enemies, or engaging in wars of choice while bankrupting our finances. To have you suggest that we are on the side of terrorists is disgusting, and I hope the public punishes you all the more for it on November 7.

Then John Kerry stuck his foot in his mouth yesterday with a comment that's been exploited to say he thinks all military people are stupid. So in another effort to distract, the GOP has jumped all over John Kerry and the "military hating" Democrats. Last I checked, it wasn't the Democrats who gleefully cut veteran care or military benefits the last several years. It was this lilly livered bunch in control who never served a day in their lives. The Democrats are the ones who want to armor our troops, protect them, get them home, and then keep our promises to take care of their physical and psychological wounds once they return. It's another distraction, just like the gay marriage thing. Hopefully it too will pass.

As we come into the final weekend of the campaign, there is no telling what Bush and his team will come up with to try to turn the tide in their favor. Maybe they'll have Bin Laden release a tape declaring that Nancy Pelosi is his concubine or agent. Or maybe they'll just SAY she is, and hope for the best.

I'm sick of this bunch. I'm sick of their games, their lies, and the way they are actively running this nation into the ground. And if the American people don't collectively vote at least one house of Congress to the Democrats on November 7, we will deserve whatever disasters come our way.

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