Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Contraception Causes Sex-Crazed Teen Cults?

The answer to that question is "YES!" if you're part of the Bush FDA. The FDA is supposed to only consider a drug's safety and efficacy when deciding whether to approve it. But this was not the case with the Plan B contraception. If taken with in 72 hours of unprotected sex, it can prevent pregnancy from occuring.

But right wingers like Sadie Fields think this drug is tantamount to abortion because it prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. The thinking is that a woman who has unprotected sex is nothing more than a slut in heat and deserves to get pregnant. Of course, they will provide absolutely no services for the purported "slut" and her unborn child...and they certainly won't provide any services once the unwanted child is born. They'll tell that baby to pull itself up by its booties or something equally ridiculous.

The good news is that the FDA is being sued, and the right wing appointees Bush appointed are going to be grilled in open court about their decision making. Memos have already been released showing "concern" that Plan B would allow urban legand status to develop where sex-crazed teen cults would develop around the regular use of Plan B. I mean, COME ON! That's like saying if we have antibiotics on the market, then we're promoting sex-based cults based on the fact that antibiotics can cure the clap. That the people who made up this nonsense have MEDICAL degrees and/or PhDs should make their schools ashamed. In fact, I'd look into rescinding their degrees just based on such "scientific" nonsense. It's not even science. The FDA is not charged to look into the morality of medication, but they did here.

Hopefully the judge and/or jury will call them on it and force them to reverse this silly decision.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Stupid, Ignorant Gwinnett Twit

Laura Mallory of Lilburg, GA is stupid twat who needs to mind her own business and go prosyletize somewhere else! The story of her attempt to have Harry Potter books banned is in today's AJC here. This woman is a missionary and felt compelled to petition for Harry Potter books to be banned from Gwinnett County schools because "Harry Potter teaches children and adults that witchcraft is OK for children."

I know that with the likes of Sadie Fields in charge of the Christian Taliban here in Georgia, this state is full of just plain ignorant fools. This Mallory woman admits that she hasn't read any of the Potter books all the way through. Apparently, she must have tried and became overwhelmed with the temptation to become a witch and teach her children spells and enroll them in Hogwarts.

Mallory's forces of censorship managed to dig up one girl named Jordan Fuchs who claimed that Harry Potter made her obsessed with witchcraft to the point she and her friends formed some kind of coven and tried to have seances in the middle of gym class. Of course, this led to depression when the spells didn't work, and she was suicidal. Luckily, she turned back to Jesus and is OK, but Potter should be banned to help protect the weak minded and stupid like her.
A 10 year old girl said it best, "Kids understand the stories aren't true. The books never at any time turned me into a witch or wizard." If a 10 yr old girl can figure that out, why can't this grown woman and her fellow zealots?

While we're on the topic, I'm personally offended that these women think that Christianity is so weak that a children's book can lead people astray. What, so her Jesus can't stand up to the pressure of a children's book that talks about witches and wizards and the fight of good versus evil? Guess it's a good thing the anti-gay relationship amendment was passed in 2004 or her marriage would already be over with her husband out taking up the rear at the sex club du jour.
Harry Potter books are great fun, and even I have been sucked into them. They are enthralling for adults and children. What other time have you seen children and teenagers put aside the Nintendo to read a 700+ page book? Well, they do that for Harry Potter. I say any book that gets children to love reading is a good thing.

Hopefully Gwinnett County will agree.

Friday, April 07, 2006

What Happened to the Screeners?

Here's the story to which I refer:

Someone needs to give Harry Taylor a standing ovation. Somehow, he snuck into a Bush townhall meeting, got the microphone, and read President Bush for the lying tyrant he is. Hopefully, Mr. Taylor will not "disappear" or be "rendered" to some CIA gulag overseas.

Staring down at Bush from his balcony seat, he said that Bush has asserted his right to "tap my phone, to arrest me and hold me without charges, to preclude me from breathing clean air and drinking clean water, eat safe food, and if I were a woman to restrict my opportunity to make a choice" to which Bush interrupted him with "I'm not your favorite guy" coupled with that smarmy grin of his. Of course, the right wing audience started to boo the guy. It's what the right does best: when they don't like what you say, they shout you down. Bush, probably knowing the cameras were on him, told the audience to let him finish.

Mr. Taylor continued, "I feel like despite your rhetoric, that compassion and common sense have been left far behind during your administration. And I would hope from time to time that you have the humility and grace to be ashamed of yourself."

How many of us have been PRAYING for leaders within the Democratic party to stand up to Bush and say these very words?!?! While I'm stunned that apparently the Gestapo techniques used thus far in his presidency to keep dissenters at bay have been called back (either that, or someone lost his job yesterday), it's so refreshing to see someone finally stand up to Bush and say the things that need to be said. If only someone who wasn't crazy within the Democratic Party would do the same thing...consistently.

Of course, the criticism went in one ear and out the other with Bush. He used the opportunity to say he wasn't ashamed and he wouldn't apologize for protecting our nation, blah, blah, blah. Que the cheering jingoist crowd. Bush takes criticism in front of cameras, dismisses it, and "stands firm" which is one of the traits people liked about him in 2004. Of course, now we know that standing firm is one thing, but blind stubbornness is another. Still, plenty of folks in this country are still drinking the Bush kool-aid and think that plowing ahead come hell or high water is an admirable trait.

Personally, I'm hoping for more people like Mr. Taylor will stand up and confront this president until he's finally out of office in January 2009.

Cynthia McKinney Makes DeKalb Look STUPID

Just when you thought Cynthia McKinney had learned her lesson about embarrassing her constituents by being kicked out of Congress in 2002, she comes roaring back in 2006. The first hint that something was up came earlier in the year when she undid the braids she's worn forever (or least since she was a child, I imagine) and unfurled an unkempt, orange tinted afro. Now, I like a good afro. But like any hairdo, it should be kept neat. Think "Foxy Cleopatra" (played by Beyonce) in the Austin Powers films.

The story is that Cynthia was bypassing the X-ray machine in one of the House office buildings, as is the right of every Congressperson. However, Cynthia never wears her Member of Congress pin, which police are trained to use as a quick way to ID members of Congress. She figures that except for two years, she's been in DC since 1993, so every cop should know her face. The fact she's radically altered her hairdo notwithstanding. When I first saw her hairdo, I had a to do a double take, b/c the face looked familiar, but with the new hairdo, she looked much different. That's true of even white folks. Take a blonde who dyes her hair red, and even some of her friends won't recognize her at first.

As Cynthia breezed past the security, a Capitol policeman tried to stop her, and she ignored him. He eventually grabbed her arm (which she labelled "inapprporiate touching" as if he'd grabbed her breasts...something which I only know Cynthia to have done in the past to others) and she hauled off and smacked him. It's serious enough that the incident was referred to the US Attorney who is presenting it to a grand jury to see if charges will be brought.

In the meantime, Cynthia reverted to her true self...the one who hates white people and thinks people don't like her because she's a black woman. *sigh* She accused the Capitol police of racism, coined the phrase "It's much ado about a hairdo" and just embarrased herself, the Democratic Party, and DeKalb county for sending this loon to Congress.

In a week where the top story should have been Tom Delay's departure from Congress in SHAME, Cynthia pushed Delay off the front page with her anctics. What amuses me is that besides her "followers" in Dekalb, no one stood by her. Even the Congressional Black Caucus took her into the proverbial back room and had a "Come to Jesus" meeting led by Rep. John Lewis (a man we can all be proud of and look up to) where she was told enough was enough.
So Cynthia backed down and apologized on the House floor. But she still needs to be turned out of Congress. She's an embarrassment to Georgia, to Democrats everywhere, and to the citizens of DeKalb County. You can be a powerful, outspoken person of any color. You can speak "truth to power" all day long, but you can do it in a much more respectful, non-ignorant way than Cynthia McKinney specializes in.

It's time for DeKalb County to send her home...permanently.