Monday, September 11, 2006

The Adovcate seeks future LGBT political leaders

Now, I quibble with their definition of young (25 and under), but this is the gay community we're talking about, so they probably felt like they were being generous to push "young" all the way to 25 yrs old. So, if you know anyone, urge them to apply. I got this through the YDA LGBT Caucus.

The Advocate is looking for the future LGBT leaders in politics . This November will prove to be a key election for equality, and we want to hear from the young queers working behind the scenes this election cycle.
We're looking for politically active LGBT youth (25 and under):
  • Campaign/Political staffers
  • Political Action Committee members
  • Field Directors
  • Grass roots organizers
  • Campus catalysts
  • Influential bloggers
  • Environmental activists
  • Workers on the Hill
  • Coalition builders
  • Lobbyists
  • Fundraisers
  • (Other)

Please submit the attached nomination to be considered as one of The Advocate's Up-and-Coming LGBT Politicos. Those selected will be contacted for a follow-up interview and expected to provide a photograph to appear in The Advocate.
Self-nominations are strongly encouraged and any additional materials are welcome. Deadline for submissions is September 22 or ASAP.
All submissions and questions can be sent to Kevin Hauswirth,
Thank you,

Kevin Hauswirth
Editor, GenQ Editorial Advisory Board
The Advocate
+1 847.636.1791

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