Friday, April 21, 2006

Stupid, Ignorant Gwinnett Twit

Laura Mallory of Lilburg, GA is stupid twat who needs to mind her own business and go prosyletize somewhere else! The story of her attempt to have Harry Potter books banned is in today's AJC here. This woman is a missionary and felt compelled to petition for Harry Potter books to be banned from Gwinnett County schools because "Harry Potter teaches children and adults that witchcraft is OK for children."

I know that with the likes of Sadie Fields in charge of the Christian Taliban here in Georgia, this state is full of just plain ignorant fools. This Mallory woman admits that she hasn't read any of the Potter books all the way through. Apparently, she must have tried and became overwhelmed with the temptation to become a witch and teach her children spells and enroll them in Hogwarts.

Mallory's forces of censorship managed to dig up one girl named Jordan Fuchs who claimed that Harry Potter made her obsessed with witchcraft to the point she and her friends formed some kind of coven and tried to have seances in the middle of gym class. Of course, this led to depression when the spells didn't work, and she was suicidal. Luckily, she turned back to Jesus and is OK, but Potter should be banned to help protect the weak minded and stupid like her.
A 10 year old girl said it best, "Kids understand the stories aren't true. The books never at any time turned me into a witch or wizard." If a 10 yr old girl can figure that out, why can't this grown woman and her fellow zealots?

While we're on the topic, I'm personally offended that these women think that Christianity is so weak that a children's book can lead people astray. What, so her Jesus can't stand up to the pressure of a children's book that talks about witches and wizards and the fight of good versus evil? Guess it's a good thing the anti-gay relationship amendment was passed in 2004 or her marriage would already be over with her husband out taking up the rear at the sex club du jour.
Harry Potter books are great fun, and even I have been sucked into them. They are enthralling for adults and children. What other time have you seen children and teenagers put aside the Nintendo to read a 700+ page book? Well, they do that for Harry Potter. I say any book that gets children to love reading is a good thing.

Hopefully Gwinnett County will agree.

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