Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Step AWAY from the Kool-Aid, Liddy!

A friend of mine takes the phrase "Keep Your Enemies Closer" to a level that would make me ill. He does forward me the most outrageous things he receives, which means I get something about every day from the GOP. We have both watched with alarm as someone we had both once respected from the GOP has quietly, consistently, lost her mind.

I know that being the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee requires you to be a harsh partisan, but even in the depths of the Clinton impeachment, you didn't see the DSCC chair jumping all over himself to defend Clinton's affair with Lewinsky, and its subsequent coverup. But we've never had a President quite like Dubya either. Thus, Senator Elizabeth Dole, who really has nothing to gain, becomes a frothing-at-the-mouth lap dog for Bush. Really, she's too damn old to ever be elected President at this point, so her only goal could be to sit in her Senate seat until she dies. Considering she represents North Carolina, the odds are decent she could keep her seat for 2-3 terms before old age forces her out. Yet, she's acting like someone who thinks she is going to run for the GOP nomination in 2008.

I will now take apart her latest screed to the NRSC faithful.

Dear Friend, (What? No "in Christ"????)This week, the Senate is convening hearings on the National Security Agency's terror surveillance program. These hearings will not only tell Americans more about this critical initiative, but will highlight the difference between Republicans and Democrats on issues of security. (Ah, she got the memo from Karl about "post 9-11 Republicans") We will also learn how closely Senate Democrats follow the marching orders of liberal fringe groups like Moveon.org who irrationally oppose the program at the expense of our safety. (IRRATIONALLY OPPOSE! Really, Liddy, when did it become irrational to defend our Bill of Rights? No one is saying that we should let Al Queda call whomever they want in the USA and not intercept it. What we ARE saying is that we have legal ways to do this, and you have to go before a judge and justify yourself in this country. That's protecting our freedoms AND our safety, you stupid bitch!) I look forward to these hearings, and to finding out just where my Democrat colleagues stand on this important issue. (They stand on the CORRECT side of this issue, as do some of your GOP colleagues who aren't willing to shred our Constitution to please Bush.)

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